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Dosing Guide

CBD dosing is very personal!  An individual's affinity for CBD depends on a few different things!

 1.  Amount of Cannabinoid Receptors - A individual's amount of receptors on their nervous system is the biggest determinant of their affinity for CBD!  That is why two people with the same height and weight may need differing amounts of CBD.  

2.   Weight - As with most supplements, weight is also a factor in dosage!  Individuals over weight tend to have more medical conditions, thus an increased dosage is needed. Not nessarily from weight itself but from the increased stress on the bodily functions. 

3.   Condition Severity - An individual experiencing high pain or inflammation, severe anxiety, chronic issues, etc. would most likely need to use a higher dosage than one with moderate symptoms.*

In General......Start Low and Go Slow!!

10-15mg is a good threshold dosage, meaning the dosage needed to feel any physical effects (pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc. relief*).  It's also a suitable dosage for use as a preventative measure.  15mg equals 0.5mL of Herbonology CBD. 

We recommend starting at 10mg and gradually increasing until the desired effect is achieved.


*Note: These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent illness or disease.


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