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Our Commitment to Quality

We prioritize quality over quantity! 

    To assure our products are the best on the market, we take a close look at EVERY step of the process. It all begins in the SOIL! The soil composition can greatly alter the harvest. Think of the soil as the womb for a new born baby. All the nutrients comes right from the mother source. Soil that is full of living organisms such as worms and micro-organisms feed and filter the soil to create a healthy mycellium network that is not only extremely nourishing for the plant, but is regenerative and sustainable for the planet. Win-Win! This organic, natural, and regenerative cultivation practice ensures the plants and products are free of all synthetics, molds, fungi, heavy metals, pesticides, and other solvents.
    Limiting the machinery for harvest and extraction greatly reduces contamination and introduction of heavy metals. At Herbonology, we aim to make a safe products for the whole family. Limiting contamination not only makes a pure an optimal product, but also makes it safer for consumers that may be dealing with medical issues. 
   Ethanol extraction is the best when creating Full Spectrum products. It is the Cleanest and Most Efficient method for creating CBD products. It helps preserve the molecular integrity and aromatic profile of the compound. Ethanol is considered G.R.A.S. by the FDA. 
     MCT is a medium chain triglyceride from coconut oil. MCT is an ideal carrier oil for CBD tinctures. Herbonology uses organic certified MCT oil to create all of our tinctures. MCT has a shorter lipid chain than most other carrier oils. The shoter the carbon chain, the more bioavaible it becomes to our bodies. The MCT has a clear/ transparent color and is virtually tasteless. These qualities make it easier to identify the transparency in our cultivation practices, manufacturing processes, and distribution channels. 
    We use eco-friendly practices throughout each and every step of our process.
 People Wellness. Planet Wellness. Herbonology.  

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